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Music To Live By

Welcome to the TopazThyme music website. Thanks for coming by.

We write and record music in our home studio, and would love to share that music with you.

And much more!

Independent Music Licensing

We are constructing a dedicated music licensing store. In the meantime, please visit us on Soundcloud to hear samples of our music for:

  • Video Backing Tracks
  • Songs for special occasions
  • TV, Film, Commercials
  • Physical Fitness & Conditioning
  • Private Or Corporate Website
  • Ringtones

TopazThyme will, on request, write and produce tracks for your special projects, depending on the genre and/or style you desire.

We will refer you to other composers and producers if we feel the style/genre of music you need is outside of the scope of what we do.

Everyone knows that music is for living. We have songs for your life.

Be it a motivational song, love song, happy song. Even a sad song.

Nothing can pick you up and take you to another place, a better place, just the way music can. Whatever the place you imagine, a song can take you there.

Whatever the time or the civilization, music has been there to make life more enjoyable; unpleasant things more bearable.

 Interactive Music Website Concept

We invite you to get involved by contacting us with your ideas on how we can make your experience here a rewarding one.

Let us know the kind of things you would like to see (and do).

As we become familiar with your interest, we will find new and exciting ways for interacting through words and music here on the TopazThyme website.

Some of our music we offer as free downloads to select individuals,  groups,  and organizations.

If there's a track you would like to have, use our Contact Form to request it. Let us know the purpose and we will try to make that song available to you. All we ask is you credit us and link back to this site.

Focus On Senior Music Lovers

We are a 60+ girl/guy duo.

It is because of our senior status that our paths crossed and figures a great deal in the songs we write and record.

A good bit of our material readily relates to those of our own age group.

Baby boomer music might be an appropriate name for it. 1940s to 1960s babies.

We know that many people lose the zest for life as the years go by.

Music by its nature has the power to motivate.

We want to create inspirational music that will uplift and help you face each day with great expectations!

"It's Never Too Late" to dream. to pursue goals no matter the time in your life. We've adopted the phrase as our motto and the song as our theme.

Through this website, our aim is to inspire, motivate and encourage you not only to dream, but to fulfill your dreams. And have a lot of fun along the way!

Durwood L Walker, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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